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Benefits of Owning a Restaurant Franchise versus Small Business

Dec 15, 2020 Franchise Information

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. If it were, everyone would do it. Truth is, as an entrepreneur you have a different set of motivations that keep the fire in your belly. It has never been about the easy way. This is about building something that is definitively yours. But that doesn’t always have to […]

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What is the Most Profitable Franchise to Own?

Nov 25, 2020 Franchise Information

The answer to this question is easy. The most profitable franchise is the one that is making you lots of money, right? The question is, how do you get there from here? If running a profitable franchise were easy, everyone would do it. The fact is, there’s a lot that goes into owning a franchise. […]

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How to Open a Restaurant Franchise in Canada

Nov 18, 2020 Franchise Information

For any aspiring entrepreneur, the prospect of owning an established, profitable business can be very appealing. But making the first few steps towards owning a franchise can be overwhelming, especially in today’s pandemic-weary climate.   Franchise models tend to appeal to entrepreneurs because many of the operational and marketing aspects of the brand have already […]

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Montana’s opened its 100th location this month on February 8th in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta!

Feb 18, 2016 Montana's

This non-traditional Montana’s has incredible features such as thirty foot ceilings, a grand entry way, floor to ceiling windows, a second floor mezzanine which is really cool, and wood columns that add a uniqueness and incredible vibe to the space. It is certainly worth checking out!!

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We love how much our brands mean to our guests!

Jan 26, 2016 Swiss Chalet

Canada’s favourite rotisserie chicken since 1954 reaches far and wide, and has left nearly every Canadian family with a “Swiss Chalet” story. We here at CARA love that our brands are ingrained into Canadian culture, and that we can even bring out a crowd from the US.  

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