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Investing in Franchise Restaurants During COVID

Oct 13, 2021 Franchise Information

Deciding to invest in a franchise isn’t an overnight decision, especially during a pandemic.

However, while the uncertainty of COVID-19 has slowed some big business moves, it’s also opened the door for new opportunities.

“It is fair to say that franchises are relatively strong restaurant investments during the COVID-19 pandemic.” – Brian R. Tunis, QSR


Mitigate Risk

“Starting a business from scratch is risky, but with a franchise, you have the security of a proven concept.” – Don Daszkowski, Forbes 

The best investment you can make is an investment that is educated — and based on existing success during the pandemic.

Therefore, it is critical that you work with a franchising partner who will help to determine which present franchise opportunities would work best for you, and who truly wants to set you up for success.

At Recipe, we’ve developed and established the branding, marketing, and systems that will work to help mitigate risk amid COVID-19. In other words, we’ve taken away the guesswork of “will this work?” and have the data to back it up.

“Franchises tend to have strong and well-tested infrastructure in place to help franchisees adapt as necessary to survive and succeed in challenging times.” – Brian R. Tunis, QSR


Lay The Foundation For Your Legacy

You have the chance to make a legacy you’re proud of. Are you ready?

“The uncertainty around COVID-19 has frozen some people into inaction, while others are making bold moves.” – Don Daszkowski, Forbes 

With innovation popping up at every corner, now is the time to get in the game and make a name for yourself, before you fall behind.

“A franchisor can rapidly develop and help institute technology like online ordering systems, push expansion of business channels to include takeout and delivery, and implement touchless payment processes on an expedited basis.”  – Brian R. Tunis, QSR

Investing now also sets you up for the future. When it’s time for you to ride off into the sunset into retirement, you’ll have a very well-established product to put on the market.

It’s time to make a bold move.


Create Jobs In Your Community

While it may seem like a big risk to invest in a franchise right now, we believe there are some risks that are worth taking — especially when the reward can change lives.

Not only does investing in a franchise restaurant bring new options for dining to cities and towns, but it also supports the community’s growth and workforce.

“The potential employment pool is deep with heavy layoffs and furloughs (particularly in the service industry), creating a strong base to draw from for new franchisees.” – Brian R. Tunis, QSR

You have the power to influence and support the success of your very own neighbours, throughout COVID-19 and beyond.


Be Strategic

“For all of the negative effects the pandemic has had on the restaurant industry, it has also created unique franchise investment opportunities.” – Brian R. Tunis, QSR

The pandemic has granted business owners insight into their ability to adapt and pivot to meet current consumer needs and regulations.

Therefore, those investing in new locations can press forward, armed with the enhanced knowledge of social distancing requirements and the importance of outdoor patios.

With more empty lots and properties available, investors will also be able to find better deals in converting an existing building instead of starting from scratch.

With these insights in mind, future franchisees will undoubtedly be able to make smarter business decisions and find ways to limit costs and maximize profits.

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